Tennis is a fun and inexpensive sport that is easily accessible living in the city as there are numerous free tennis courts throughout Atlanta.

One of the more common complaints from a tennis player is elbow and forearm pain, more commonly known as “tennis elbow”.  The forearm flexor muscles can also become a problem for those players with an aggressive forehand shot.

Shoulder injuries can also become a problem.  Problems with the rotator cuff muscles can arise from improper stresses on the shoulder created particularly during the serve.  A biomechanical evaluation would be necessary to evaluate the cause of the injury.

Ankle injuries can be a common problem due to the quick changes in direction.   An inversion ankle sprains is the most common of these injuries.

The Active Release Technique® practitioner diagnoses the exact tissue(s) that are injured and causing the problem(s). After diagnosing the problem,
Dr. Addison physically works that tissue back to its normal texture, tension and length which allows the injured area to return to its normal healthy state.