Who Gets Hurt Most Often In Car Accidents.

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Who Gets Hurt In Car Accidents in Woodstock?

What makes a person more susceptible to whiplash injuries?

As chiropractors we know there are various factors that can make you more prone to injury as a result of a car accident.  For example you might expect a frail elderly lady to be much more prone to injury from a crash than a young football player.  While that one is obvious here is a list of other factors that make a big difference in whether or not you may be hurt as a result of an accident;

car accident

7 Danger Factors

1. Women are hurt more than men.

-This is generally because women have less muscle mass then male counterparts to protect their spine.

2. Skinny people more than muscular ones.

-Again as above the muscle mass makes a significant difference in outcome levels.

3. Tall females are especially prone to injury.

– Because of longer lever mechanisms your chance for injury increases.

4. People who have had prior injuries to their neck get hurt more frequently.

–  Proper spinal alignment has been shown to respond to a whiplash force favorably compared to compromised alignment.

5. Drivers who drive with their head restraints down, suffer more whiplash.

-Head restraints should be placed where the middle of the restraint is in line your ear level.  Studies have indicated many people leave there head restraint way too low.   This can act as a fulcrum when during the accident.

6. Rear impacts are worse than front ones and.

– We are generally not aware of a rear impact which does not give our body time to brace and attempt to protect ourselves.

7. Getting hit by larger vehicles makes matters worse.

– This is a simple physics equation Force equals mass x acceleration.   If either the acceleration (change in speed over time)  or the mass (weight) increases the force your body takes increases significantly.



Obviously if you have any of the above predisposing factors, it’s critical to visit a chiropractor to get checked after an accident. All of the above factors increase your chances of injury significantly.

If you have questions about the list or wonder if you, a family member, or a friend is o.k., feel free to call us. Your pain may come on weeks or months after an injury, so it’s always a good idea to get checked as soon as possible after a car accident in Woodstock.  Call 678-494-9668.





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