The “Dirty dozen” 12 foods you should buy organic

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The Dirty Dozen

12 foods with the highest pesticide residue.


You have probably noticed over the last several years that your local grocery store is selling more and more organic foods than before.   While making the decision to go all organic can be a difficult and expensive one, some organic foods can be more beneficial than others.   Recently the environmental working group’s shoppers guide identified which fruits and vegetables have the highest and lowest pesticide residue.    The “dirty dozen” have the highest amount of pesticide residue and would be the most advantageous to buy organic.   So here is the list of the dirty dozen in descending order with a couple bonus at the end.

12.  Potatoes

11. Snap peas (imported)

10. Cherry tomatoes

9.  Cucumbers

8. Bell peppers

7.  Spinach

6. Celery

5. Grapes

4. Strawberries

3. Nectarines

2. Peaches

1. Apples


Bonus:  Kale and jalapeno peppers



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