Most Common Myths About Back Pain.

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Most Common Myths About Back Pain:



Myth 1:  Back pain is just a part of aging.  Everyone that lives long enough will have back pain.

Fact: Adding years to your life does not have to equal accepting the fact that your back will hurt.  While back pain is common constant back pain as you age is never normal.   While of coarse as we age we are more susceptible to certain diseases or conditions that increase our likely-hood of developing back pain, there are many steps that you can take, including chiropractic care to insure that your spine stays healthy as you age.

Myth 2: The back pain isn’t that bad so nothing is wrong.

Fact:  While pain can be an indicator of how serious and injury or condition maybe, it is really an average indicator at best.   Often times pain can take days, weeks, or even months to show up in its full time.  Dysfunction will often begin to show long before pain does and as inflammation increases in our body due to dysfunction pain levels can gradually increase.   If you are experiencing a mild ache or pain especially one that won’t seem to go away it is time to get checked out before conditions can get worse.

Myth 3:  People who are more active don’t get back pain.

Fact:  While being physically fit is incredible important to help prevent back pain it is just one of many factors that help prevent back injuries.  It is important to keep in mind that having proper core strength is vital to protecting your back when you are doing physical activities.   It is also possible to be physically fit by most standards but yet have poor core strength, in these cases there is still a high susceptibility to back pain.  In addition to keeping active, having a strong core, consider eating a highly nutritious diet, lowering stressors in your environment and maintaining proper posture.

Myth 4:  The best treatment for back pain is surgery.

Fact:  It is well understood in the community of physicians that see and treat back pain that it is best to start with a conservative approach before you consider surgery.   While eventually some cases do end up needing surgery,  the risks are considerably higher than more conservative treatment such as chiropractic, strengthening, injections, and medication.    To learn more about how chiropractic compares to surgeries I recommend reading some of our previous blog post on the topic below.

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