Why Athletes Seek Chiropractic Care .

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    4 Reasons Why Athletes Go to the Chiropractor.   Better Motion The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore proper joint alignment and joint biomechanics.   When we have joints that are “out” of alignment they also become restricted within their normal ranges of motion.   By located and correcting these problematic joints chiropractors can help achieve your full potential of range of motion.   From a golfer to a swimmer and even a quarterback loosing proper motion will impact your performance in a negative way. Better Balance By influence the nervous system through chiropractic adjustments your body can send important signals...

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Proprioception The 6th Sense

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Proprioception The 6th Sense  In school most of us learned there were five senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell are the five senses I learned.   While those are all very important senses science has proved their to actually be several more senses such as thermoception, the ability to sense temperature, nociception, the ability to sense pain, and even chemoreceptors, that sense chemicals in the blood.  While it is now recognized that humans have over 20 separate senses one of our most important “extra senses” is proprioception. Proprioception what is it?  Proprioception gives you the ability to tell where your body parts are, relative to other...

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What type of Exercise is Best for You?

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What Exercise is best for you? If you are thinking about starting an exercise program chances are you have been asking yourself what type of exercise is the most effective to reach your goals.   Their are many options out there you could concentrate on weight training to improve your strength, or running to improve your heart health, or maybe even yoga to improve balance and flexibility.   Chances are good as well that over the years you have seen various workout trends come in to favor.   Some of these the 8 minute abs and buns series,  Tae Bo, Jazzersize, HIIT, Orange Theory,  P90x and Crossfit.   Again the question becomes which one of these programs is the best...

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Vitamin D

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Vitamin D Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin because we can actually get it from sun exposure to our skin.   Lately some have been calling it the super vitamin because of the wide range of health benefits that vitamin D takes an important role in.   Recently it has been suggested that vitamin D can help fight and improve conditions such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dimentia, and even cancer.   While vitamin D is extremely important in our ability to absorb calcium and thus building strong bones its most important task is supporting immune function.    With supporting our immune system which is responsible for fighting...

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Secrets in Living to 100 and Beyond

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Secrets to Living to 100 and Beyond From Your Woodstock Chiropractor.       As I was driving into work this morning I heard an interesting story of a woman from Chicago who was turning 100.   As is often the case she was asked what her secret was that attributed to her longevity.   Her responded by saying hot dogs fries and diet cola 3 times a week was her secret!   Now while that regiment may work for her it we know better that for that to work for everyone.   This got me curious into what factors appear to be most important to living to such an advanced age.   After doing a little research several factors continued to come up over and over...

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Spinal disc the ball bearings of the spine.

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The Ball Bearings of the Spine           Spinal disc,  they can degenerate, tear, bulge or even herniate,  but they do not slip!   Although when most use the terminology of slipped disc they are describing one of the above terms. This of your spinal disc as the ball bearings of your spine.  They separate each vertebrae and create necessary spacing for our nerves to exit the our spinal cord and connect to all our vital tissues to our brain.  They act as a cushioning to force between your spinal segments.  The disc has two main components first a layer of  rings of fibrous tissue called the anulus fibrosis.  The second component is  a...

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