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Back Pain and Pregnancy.

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  Back Pain and Pregnancy While back pain is one of the most common ailments that Americans suffer from on a day to day basis pregnant women are even more likely to be affected.   It is estimated that between 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women report back pain at some time during their pregnancy.   The changes that the body goes through during pregnancy are truly incredible.   Some of these changes are directly responsible for causing back pain. The first major factor that causes back pain in pregnant women is the change in spinal structure and your center of gravity.   As the baby and stomach grow our lower back is forced to support more weight at and angle...

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Sitting all day? Here is 5 exercises to undo the damage of sitting.

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Sitting all day? Here is 5 exercises to undo the damage of sitting.   If you are like most Americans you find yourself sitting for the majority of the day.   Whether this is at work, school, at home watching tv or gaming chances are you are sitting.   Unfortunately sitting for long periods of time is terrible for our health.  People who sit for the majority of the day are more likely to be overweight, have diabetes, heart disease.   When we sit for long periods of time we often loose our core strength read here for exercises to improve core strength.   Today’s blog is about the changes that happen in your hips and your glutes.  When sitting for long...

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