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Sitting Becoming the New Smoking

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016 in Back Pain, Chiropractic research, General health | 0 comments

Are We Sitting to Much? Sitting, chances are good you are doing it right now.   Chances are also good that you spend much of the day sitting as well, whether it’s at work, driving, or just relaxing at home.    Unfortunately new information is coming out that prolonged sitting is not good for our health. Too much sitting sets you up for a host of physical problems including poor circulation, chronic back and nerve pain, depression, osteoporosis, spinal disc degeneration, fatigue and many other health problems.  Even scarier is that according to Canadian researchers prolonged daily sitting could cause these problems even if you exercise regularly. “More...

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The Big FAT Lie

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Big FAT Lie People assume that we gain weight slowly after age 18.  They wrongly assume we gain a couple of pounds a year, until at middle age we find ourselves about thirty or more pounds overweight. This is NOT TRUE.  Research shows we tend to weigh the same amount and gain weight quickly for several reasons and here they are; Vacations Holidays Weekends Stressful Periods Pregnancy Menstruation and Menopause Taking medicine and Post diet rebound We Seldom Gain Weight Slowly Experts know that there are specific periods when we pack on the pounds.  Because weight gain is usually confined to these periods it makes sense to guard against eating wrong and lack of...

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Secrets in Living to 100 and Beyond

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Secrets to Living to 100 and Beyond From Your Woodstock Chiropractor.       As I was driving into work this morning I heard an interesting story of a woman from Chicago who was turning 100.   As is often the case she was asked what her secret was that attributed to her longevity.   Her responded by saying hot dogs fries and diet cola 3 times a week was her secret!   Now while that regiment may work for her it we know better that for that to work for everyone.   This got me curious into what factors appear to be most important to living to such an advanced age.   After doing a little research several factors continued to come up over and over...

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Exercise Smarter

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Exercise Smarter! Who doesn’t take pride in working hard and reaching their goals?  Regardless of the situation, it is human nature to enjoy the accolades that come with seeing results. In this day and age however, it is almost as though just reaching goals is not enough.  We have to reach our goals FASTER!  There are several reasons why “fast” is not necessarily the appropriate speed to obtain your goals, in fact racing toward results could actually hinder rather than help. How many times have we all heard the same story?  Someone resolves to “get in shape”.  They buy the gear, the shoes, the gym membership.  They head to the gym one, two, or several...

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Stop Ignoring Your Check Engine Light

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Stop Ignoring Your Body’s Check Engine Light     What’s your check engine light trying to tell you about your body? Tired? Thirsty? In Pain?  It’s Because Your Body Is Trying to Tell You Something… Each of us is given this amazing, self-healing, self-regulating body. And, thankfully, it takes care of millions of details all by itself without having to give it any thought. When you think about it it’s quite incredible.  If we have a virus our body induces a fever to help kill of the virus.   If we cut our finger our body seals off the the cut and replaces the injured tissue back to its original form.   We don’t have to think about it,...

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Fight the Common Cold

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Chiropractic Advice, Chiropractic Care, General health | 0 comments

How to Best Fight a Cold As the weather starts to change and people start spending more time inside you often hear a common phrase.  “I cought a cold.”  But is that really what happens In truth, the cold just like any other virus are out there all the time and most of us come into contact with some form of virus several times a day, especially during “cold and flu season”.   If it was just as easy as catching a cold it would be nearly inevitable that after comming into contact with someone with the virus you too would soon have that same virus.   While it is certainly more possible to catch a cold from someone close to you it is not...

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