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The Worst Type of Auto Injury is the One Left Untreated.

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The Worst Type of Auto Injury is the One Left Untreated. At our Chiropractic office in Woodstock, Georgia we see people that have been in auto accidents on a daily basis.   Of all the injuries that we see in our office the worst ones tend to be those that are left untreated.   Accident injuries that are left untreated often will create problems that show up years down the road and can even become lifetime problems. Since we are talking about cars lets think of your body like a car.  If your car is banged up and the check engine light comes on you may be able to drive like that for a couple of thousand miles with no problem.  Chances are though down the road that car...

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Auto accident plan

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Immediate Relief and Stability Automobile accidents can have a severe effect on your life.  Fortunately, with proper chiropractic care you can achieve relief for your symptoms and more importantly stabilize your spine and properly support good spinal health moving forward.  It’s very simple if the car was damaged in a wreck there is a very good chance the people inside the vehicle were as well.   So if your car was damaged have your spine be evaluated by a chiropractor. During examination, we can determine the extent of your injuries and deliver the care necessary to return you to pre-injury status as quickly as possible. Sometimes the examinations we perform...

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Whiplash relief

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Whiplash Relief for Woodstock Ga. For those of you who have been in an auto accident, you are well aware of the physical and emotional toll it can take on your body.   From dealing with pain and discomfort to get your car fixed, finding a rental car, and dealing with insurance companies it can be an extremely stressful time.   Many people because of all the stress and juggling that is involved after an accident do not take the proper steps to insure their health both short and long term is properly being cared for. As a Chiropractor we see many people who have been in car crashes both soon after a crash and many times years after.   One common thread we see in auto...

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Car accident tips from a Woodstock Ga, Chiropractor

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Car Accident Tips from a Woodstock Chiropractor Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life that many at one time or another will experience.  After all we are all human and prone to mistakes.  While the vast majority are not life threatening, they can still cause lasting lingering effects.  Back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain can linger and transform into chronic conditions that last for years. Follow these car accident tips from a Woodstock chiropractor to minimize the effects. Prevention Is the Best Medicine Naturally, avoiding car accidents altogether is the best way to ensure you remain injury-free.  Not all car accidents can be avoided, but you can take...

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The 7 Things You Must Do After a Car Accident

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The 7 Things You Must Do After a Car Accident in Woodstock Ga.   Gather Information and Get Proper Care 1. Record the date and time of the collision, note the location of the collision (direction of travel, lane number, street address). 2. Write down driver’s license number and state of issue of other motorists, collect their dates of birth, addresses and phone numbers. If witnesses are available be sure to obtain their names and phone numbers. 3. Note insurance company name and agent’s name of other motorists, policy numbers, expiration dates; policy holder’s name and addresses. 4. Get names and addresses of passengers in other vehicles. Description of their...

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Who Gets Hurt Most Often In Car Accidents.

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  Who Gets Hurt In Car Accidents in Woodstock? What makes a person more susceptible to whiplash injuries? As chiropractors we know there are various factors that can make you more prone to injury as a result of a car accident.  For example you might expect a frail elderly lady to be much more prone to injury from a crash than a young football player.  While that one is obvious here is a list of other factors that make a big difference in whether or not you may be hurt as a result of an accident; 7 Danger Factors 1. Women are hurt more than men. -This is generally because women have less muscle mass then male counterparts to protect their spine. 2. Skinny people...

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