Chiropractic Care for Seniors in Woodstock, Ga.

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  Chiropractic Care for Seniors in Woodstock, Ga.   The number of senior citizens in out country is at an all time high and is only continuing to rise.  As baby boomers continue to approach and reach retirement age the number of senior citizens will continue rise sharply.  Health care of coarse is a primary concern to many senior citizens, and chiropractic is an important part of that.  Recent reports estimate that over 5% of seniors utilize chiropractic on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, some older adults who need chiropractic care for one reason or another do not utilize it.   Some may not be familiar how chiropractic can help them, others may be...

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Auto accident plan

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Immediate Relief and Stability Automobile accidents can have a severe effect on your life.  Fortunately, with proper chiropractic care you can achieve relief for your symptoms and more importantly stabilize your spine and properly support good spinal health moving forward.  It’s very simple if the car was damaged in a wreck there is a very good chance the people inside the vehicle were as well.   So if your car was damaged have your spine be evaluated by a chiropractor. During examination, we can determine the extent of your injuries and deliver the care necessary to return you to pre-injury status as quickly as possible. Sometimes the examinations we perform...

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The 3 Stages of Spinal Degeneration

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3 Stages of Spinal Degeneration     While spinal degeneration has its most detrimental effect in later stages of lives the process often starts at much younger ages.   Often times as a chiropractor we will see early signs of degeneration and even arthritis in patients as young as their early twenties.  This article is a discussion of what some of the early signs are how chiropractic can help.   Stage 1 – Dysfunction As the spine begins to deteriorate, its curvature begins to change and show signs of misalignment.  This change in curvature causes a significant change the loading mechanisms of the spine changes causing increased rate of degeneration....

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