Chiropractic and Migraines

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Chiropractic Care for Migraines. When I talk to friends and family about the most common reasons people seek my services as a chiropractor many are shocked to here that migraines on that list.   Migraines are an incredibly common occurrence with the American Migraine Foundation reporting that one-quarter of all U.S. households having at least one migraine sufferer.   Unfortunately for women, they tend to be much more likely to suffer migraines, three times more likely than their male counterparts.   As many people in the Woodstock, Ga...

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Chiropractic Compared to Surgery for Sciatica

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Chiropractic For Sciatica Pain.   At Cleary Family Chiropractic we  work with many sciatica patients here in our Woodstock office.  Many of these patients have the same question.  Am I going to have to have surgery?  We are happy to report to these patients that most of the people we see for sciatica are able to achieve relief from their symptoms through conservative care including decompression, light adjustments, and core strengthening exercises. Furthermore the most recent research shows that many people don’t need surgery...

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Fibromyalgia Pain? New Research is Encouraging.

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Suffering from Fibromyalgia in Woodstock, Ga? Of all the patients we see in our Woodstock, Georgia office those that have fibromyalgia are generally the most frustrated when they walk through our door.   Fibromyalgia can be an extremely painful disease and for the most part modern medicine has very little answers how best to treat it.  Fibromyalgia is defined as a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskelatal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas.  Other symptoms can include sleep issues, memory issues, and changes...

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Chiropractic Care for Seniors in Woodstock, Ga.

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  Chiropractic Care for Seniors in Woodstock, Ga.   The number of senior citizens in out country is at an all time high and is only continuing to rise.  As baby boomers continue to approach and reach retirement age the number of senior citizens will continue rise sharply.  Health care of coarse is a primary concern to many senior citizens, and chiropractic is an important part of that.  Recent reports estimate that over 5% of seniors utilize chiropractic on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, some older adults who need...

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D.I.Y. Tips for Neck Pain From Your Woodstock Chiropractor.

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Do It Yourself Tips for Neck Pain Increasingly we are seeing more and more neck pain in our office.   Historically chiropractors have worked with more low back pain than neck pain but over the past several years neck pain has been a more common complaint.   If you are suffering neck pain we highly recommend you make an appointment to our Woodstock office but until then here are some simple recommendations that may help you achieve some pain relief in the meantime.   Try an Ice Pack When your neck pain that is a recent injury,...

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How Consistent Chiropractic Care Can Help You.

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Consistent Chiropractic Care for Woodstock. Most of our patients and the people in the Woodstock Ga, community are familiar with the fact that chiropractic can minimize back pain.   Yet a sizable population of our patients participate in consistent chiropractic care.   Outside of the obvious of benefit of less spinal pain these patients know that consistent chiropractic care helps them achieve a healthier lifestyle. Benefits of chiropractic care entail: Promoting natural healing.  As a chiropractor I will often tell my patients that their...

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How Safe Is Chiropractic?

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Safety of Chiropractic Care.   In seeing many patients over the years in our Woodstock, Ga office we have been very fortunate to help these patients with a wide variety of health issues.   Despite this a concern we often here from potential patients is a concern as to whether chiropractic care is safe.   To alleviate some of these concerns we have pulled out some recent research that unequivocally says yes, chiropractic is safe. What The Current Literature Says In a study(1) published in the peer reviewed journal Spine an...

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Back Pain and Pregnancy.

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  Back Pain and Pregnancy While back pain is one of the most common ailments that Americans suffer from on a day to day basis pregnant women are even more likely to be affected.   It is estimated that between 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women report back pain at some time during their pregnancy.   The changes that the body goes through during pregnancy are truly incredible.   Some of these changes are directly responsible for causing back pain. The first major factor that causes back pain in pregnant women is the change in spinal...

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The link between Obesity and Diabetes.

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of decades you have probably heard or noticed that we have an obesity problem in our country.   You probably have also noticed that the rate of diabetes continues to rise at an astonishingly fast rate as well.   Today compared to in 1960 american adults are now two times more likely to be obese and the average american weighs 24 pounds heavier.  Even more scary is that today, children are now three times more likely to be obese as compared to in 1980.(1)   Diabetes has risen at...

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Proprioception The 6th Sense

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Proprioception The 6th Sense  In school most of us learned there were five senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell are the five senses I learned.   While those are all very important senses science has proved their to actually be several more senses such as thermoception, the ability to sense temperature, nociception, the ability to sense pain, and even chemoreceptors, that sense chemicals in the blood.  While it is now recognized that humans have over 20 separate senses one of our most important “extra senses” is...

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