There are a lot of great places to bike in Atlanta, both on the road and off-road. It is a great way to get around AND have fun while you are getting there.

There are inherent risks to the biker, however. Since it is a very high-speed sport, falls can lead to all kinds of contusions and injuries anywhere on the body.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome and Patellar Tendonitis are two of the more common knee problems that may develop. Further damage can often be prevented by correcting the seat height in relation to the pedals and handlebars. It’s recommended that a bike expert adjust the bicycle for the athlete to ensure proper ergonomics and fit.

Low Back Pain and Neck Pain are common complaints among bikers. This is mostly due to the hunched over posture of the low back with the hyper-extension of the neck causing abnormal stresses to the affected musculature.

A common muscle injury that occurs in bikers is a pulled hamstring. This is sometimes caused by improper gear changing on hills as well as improper seat positioning.

Pressure on the wrist created from leaning on the handlebars can lead to pain and numbness on the outside of the hand and wrist. Also known as ‘handlebar palsy’, these symptoms are due to Tunnel of Guyon compression. Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, this problem is easily treated with Active Release Technique.

The Active Release Technique® practitioner diagnoses the exact tissue(s) that are injured and causing the problem(s). After diagnosing the problem,
Dr. Addison physically works that tissue back to its normal texture, tension and length which allows the injured area to return to its normal healthy state.