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Vitamin D

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Vitamin D Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin because we can actually get it from sun exposure to our skin.   Lately some have been calling it the super vitamin because of the wide range of health benefits that vitamin D takes an important role in.   Recently it has been suggested that vitamin D can help fight and improve conditions such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dimentia, and even cancer.   While vitamin D is extremely important in our ability to absorb calcium and thus building strong bones its most important task is supporting immune function.    With supporting our immune system which is responsible for fighting...

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Tips For Loosing Stubborn Belly Fat!

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Tips for loosing that stubborn belly fat! If you are like most of us despite our best efforts with diet and exercise it seems impossible to get rid of that stubborn fat around our midsection.   While seeking that tone and slender belly is the goal of many it seems to be the slowest responding region especially when we get older.   So here are some basic principles and strategies to help you lose belly fat.   Measuring Belly Fat The first step in attacking any problem is measuring it objectively so we can set goals and track our progress.   One simple way although not the most accurate way to measure belly fat is to use measuring tape.   When using measuring...

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Tips For Getting More Sleep

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Getting Enough Sleep?   A recent study done by national geographic polled over 1,000 american adults ages 18 and up about their sleep habits.   The numbers were startling, an astonishing 73% of those adults reported getting less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night.    While it is easy to see how many people can find themselves with less sleep, having young children, odd work schedules, busy social calendars can easily derail our efforts to achieve that 8 hours of sleep our bodies need.   As a chiropractor I find that it is essential to get enough sleep to help your body function properly and maximize your ability to heal.    So if you find yourself...

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Auto accident plan

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Immediate Relief and Stability Automobile accidents can have a severe effect on your life.  Fortunately, with proper chiropractic care you can achieve relief for your symptoms and more importantly stabilize your spine and properly support good spinal health moving forward.  It’s very simple if the car was damaged in a wreck there is a very good chance the people inside the vehicle were as well.   So if your car was damaged have your spine be evaluated by a chiropractor. During examination, we can determine the extent of your injuries and deliver the care necessary to return you to pre-injury status as quickly as possible. Sometimes the examinations we perform...

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Predictors of low back pain and return to work.

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    Recently some research has been published that has really changed the game in treatment in low back pain, specifically in treatment of long term debilitating back pain.   In one particular study published in Spine a group of researchers set to discover what factors best predicted a worker who has been out on leave for their low back returning to work.   The researches set out to use medical, psychological, and sociodemographic predictors that would have an significant impact on ability to return to work. Medically speaking it was found that by using a light mobilization program workers were much more likely to return to work than those who did not have a...

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