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Back Pain Tips From Your Woodstock Chiropractor.

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Back Pain Tips From Your Woodstock Chiropractor If there is one body part that most people seem to have problems with at some point in life, it is the back.  An estimated 31 million Americans people suffer from back pain at any given time.  Within the average year a staggering half of Americans reports at least some back pain. Back pain is such a common part of modern life that many people just accept it as normal and try to get by as best they can.  Of course, anyone in the chiropractic profession or those with knowledge of human anatomy knows that most of the time, back pain isn’t necessary at all. Treatment from a chiropractor can help immensely, but you can also...

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Woodstock Chiropractor Explains how to avoid back injuries

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Woodstock Chiropractor Explains How to Avoid Back Injuries When it comes to avoiding back injuries, your fate is largely in your own hands. It’s true that an unexpected fall or auto accident may cause an injury that’s beyond your control, but a large percentage of back injuries are caused by your own actions, which means you can take measures to prevent them or stop them from getting worse. Here are a few valuable back injury tips from a Woodstock chiropractor. Pay Attention to Your Lifting Technique How you lift boxes, laundry baskets, children’s toys, children themselves or just about anything else, has a bearing on the health of your back. When you lift...

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The 7 Things You Must Do After a Car Accident

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The 7 Things You Must Do After a Car Accident in Woodstock Ga.   Gather Information and Get Proper Care 1. Record the date and time of the collision, note the location of the collision (direction of travel, lane number, street address). 2. Write down driver’s license number and state of issue of other motorists, collect their dates of birth, addresses and phone numbers. If witnesses are available be sure to obtain their names and phone numbers. 3. Note insurance company name and agent’s name of other motorists, policy numbers, expiration dates; policy holder’s name and addresses. 4. Get names and addresses of passengers in other vehicles. Description of their...

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Exercise Smarter

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Exercise Smarter! Who doesn’t take pride in working hard and reaching their goals?  Regardless of the situation, it is human nature to enjoy the accolades that come with seeing results. In this day and age however, it is almost as though just reaching goals is not enough.  We have to reach our goals FASTER!  There are several reasons why “fast” is not necessarily the appropriate speed to obtain your goals, in fact racing toward results could actually hinder rather than help. How many times have we all heard the same story?  Someone resolves to “get in shape”.  They buy the gear, the shoes, the gym membership.  They head to the gym one, two, or several...

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Who Gets Hurt Most Often In Car Accidents.

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  Who Gets Hurt In Car Accidents in Woodstock? What makes a person more susceptible to whiplash injuries? As chiropractors we know there are various factors that can make you more prone to injury as a result of a car accident.  For example you might expect a frail elderly lady to be much more prone to injury from a crash than a young football player.  While that one is obvious here is a list of other factors that make a big difference in whether or not you may be hurt as a result of an accident; 7 Danger Factors 1. Women are hurt more than men. -This is generally because women have less muscle mass then male counterparts to protect their spine. 2. Skinny people...

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