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Spinal disc the ball bearings of the spine.

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The Ball Bearings of the Spine           Spinal disc,  they can degenerate, tear, bulge or even herniate,  but they do not slip!   Although when most use the terminology of slipped disc they are describing one of the above terms. This of your spinal disc as the ball bearings of your spine.  They separate each vertebrae and create necessary spacing for our nerves to exit the our spinal cord and connect to all our vital tissues to our brain.  They act as a cushioning to force between your spinal segments.  The disc has two main components first a layer of  rings of fibrous tissue called the anulus fibrosis.  The second component is  a...

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Tennis elbow

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Tennis Elbow, Anyone? Tennis elbow isn’t just caused by playing tennis! Tennis elbow, or Lateral epicondylitis,  is caused by an overuse of the structures of the elbow.   When overusing the muscles that attach to your elbow small tears and injury in that muscle can over time become adhesive and scar tissue.   The scar tissue and adhesions cause more tension to be put on the tendon as it attaches to the bone.   This causes inflammation at the site and thus the fallowing symptoms. If you’re experiencing any of the following, you may have tennis elbow: Pain in the outside part of your elbow Weakness in your wrist Difficulty with elbow flexibility A burning...

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Fight the Common Cold

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How to Best Fight a Cold As the weather starts to change and people start spending more time inside you often hear a common phrase.  “I cought a cold.”  But is that really what happens In truth, the cold just like any other virus are out there all the time and most of us come into contact with some form of virus several times a day, especially during “cold and flu season”.   If it was just as easy as catching a cold it would be nearly inevitable that after comming into contact with someone with the virus you too would soon have that same virus.   While it is certainly more possible to catch a cold from someone close to you it is not...

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Say Goodbye to Being Sedentary!

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Say Goodbye to Being Sedentary We may not think of it in the same way we think at smoking or eating fried food but being sedentary for long periods of time can be just as detrimental on one’s health.  Whether it be watching TV, driving to work or just working on your workplace computer many of us spend much of our day being sedentary.   According to Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Dr. James Levine, the majority of people spend a whopping 10-15 hours a day sitting. From sun up to sun down many activities that are part of our daily routine involve this sedentary action. So how bad is sitting really for our health? According to Dr. Levine, “there are 34 chronic...

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Exercise: A Mood Changer

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Exercise: A Mood Changer How Can Exercise Affect Your Mood?A recent Harvard study tracked the effectiveness of exercise in comparison to anti depressants in treating depression.   The study separated people into three groups.  First group performing moderate exercise, the second taking a prescribed dose of zoloft (an anti-depressant)  and the third took both an anti depressant and zoloft.   The results were astonishing in that after 16 weeks of intervention all groups reported 60-70% of subjects could no longer be classed as having major depression.   Further more a later fallow up study suggest that the effects of exercise are longer lasting than that of...

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