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Why we analyze posture.

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Why we analyze posture. When I first meet with a patient and while taken a detailed history I carefully look for how the patient is carrying themselves.  I am watching to see if they tend to lean to one direction or rotate their head as they look at me.  I look to see if there is excessive slouching or humping of the upper back, if they are sitting on their wallets, or even if one shoulder appears higher than the other.   All of these are important signs that give little clues into the forces that have been applied on the spine over a long period of time.   As the exam continues we analyze posture further by using a defined visual evaluation or even by taking a...

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Poor posture linked to decreased lifespan.

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Posture and Lifespan While poor posture has increasingly been linked to increase in back pain and headaches in the last several years a recent study suggest that poor posture has much more serious concequenses.  In a 2013 study conducted Japan done by Kamitani et al posture was linked to decrease in lifespan and in activities of daily living.   The study consisted of 804 adults both male(338) and female(466) ages from 64 to 95.   These adults were tracked for 4.5 years and were separated into four categories based only on posture.   After tracking these participants for 4.5 years researches examined the ability to perform day to day activities on their own as well as...

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